About us

Joyco Games

About Us.

Joyco Games is an independent game developer and distributor of entertainment software, based in Seville (Spain) and founded in 2010 by Marco Antonio del Campo (Art Director), Alejandro del Campo (Technical Director) and Antonio Jesús Gálvez (Game designer, artist and sound effects). Our team has an extensive experience creating games and delivering good moments of fun.


What do we do

We develop and publish video games for mobile phones, smartphones and tablets, mainly for Android, Nokia and Blackberry platforms. We focus on the casual games sector, creating products whose simple gameplay makes them attractive to a general audience. However, we do not discard further and more complex projects.


What we offer

We take our work very seriously. We take care of all aspects of a game and try to make them in a way to always keep that fun and addictiveness that, in our opinion, is what makes most people to keep playing a video game. This is what matters for us and what we like to do.