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Draky and the Twilight Castle

Released: November 2011.

Android, Blackberry, Nokia, Nook, Amazon Kindle, J2ME

Lucy and Jonny never really knew if the legend of Draky the Vampire was just a story to scare children. Since they were little, people used to talk about a dark castle, lost in the middle of the woods, whose walls still lament the murder of their old owners.

But tonight, after getting lost in the woods, they will have a chance to explore and prove if the legend is true. The castle from their nightmares is just in front of them and a strange energy leads them inside of it…

Discover the true story of the Vampire and live the greatest adventure of your life!

Making use of sorcery, Baron Draky transformed the old Twilight Castle into a sinister place. That magic will make the Castle look different in every game.

The Vampire carries the most important keys to the Castle, but it would not be easy to catch him. Multiple dangers will threaten you, but do not despair if one of the children falls along the adventure, you will discover it is not irreversible. Explore rooms, use objects, look up the maps... Use your imagination to escape and go back home!


-VícioGénesis on Youtube.

-All About Symbian.

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