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Galazer Deluxe – Pocket Gamer

“It’s fast paced, full of explosions, and should test even the most ardent gamer’s thumb twiddling skills. It looks pretty good, too.
If you’re looking for a game to get the adrenaline pumping and the blood flowing you could do a lot worse than giving Galazer Deluxe a try.”

Galazer – All About Symbian

“OK, Galazer is still something of a casual game and not something to play through over the course of days, but it’s still fun, it’s colourful, it sounds brilliant and it’ll run on everything you have.”

Candy Bombs – All About Symbian

“Candy Bombs is well pitched and quickly gets into “Oh, darn, missed that one, now I’m really going to have to think and move like a dervish to survive!” territory.”

Ziptrix. Battle! – Berryreview

“The game is quite slick and is a form of Tetris. It also ups the ante letting you play two player Battle Mode over Bluetooth which is pretty fun.”


Star Jim

“Spectacular game. Star Jim is so fun I can not put my Nook down”

“Even better than Bombjack. super fun!”

Ziptrix. Battle!

“Simple, but addictive… Luv the graphics! It has become my new favorite Tetris. It is can be challenging but fun. It will become your favorite too”

Draky and The Twilight Castle

“Fantastic I just like this game deep like hell. Obsessed by it.”

“Excellent head scratcher. Great game with totally unique gameplay. Really challenging too. Plus its kinda cute.” (link)


“Very good… one of the best Galaga clones, smooth gameplay and very fast. The graphics are very confident and the fun to play is longevity. Nice.”

Galazer Deluxe

“Great Galaga style update of Galazer, nice graphix, classic gameplay, good effects and variety. Suggest for future updates bosses, twin/triple ships/wingmen?? very nice, slick game.”


“Superb! I spent so many days playing this game. It’s simple and very entertaining.”

Candy Bombs

“Adorable puzzle.
Getting this game was really the best thing i would have thought of.”

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